Hey there!

I’ve talked on the phone, emailed, shown properties, and sold properties to many of you!

This is a first note to let you know that I’m starting a blog focused on Portland condos and downsizing, which is my specialty as a real estate broker.

I’ve sold condos in many of the buildings across Portland, and I hear lots of good questions from clients. My goal for this blog is to create an easy place for you to learn more about condos, get tips for prepping your house for selling, and have your real estate questions answered. I’ll be including video tours of Portland’s condo buildings, so we get out into the field some, too.

We’ll talk about HOAs, remodels, trends in new condo construction, Portland’s different buildings, neighborhoods, and much more.

Here are the upcoming posts I have planned:

  • What do HOA dues and apples have in common?
  • New condo term: flex space. What is it?
  • Remodeling a condo – 3 things to know before you take out that wall
  • Views – a tale of two possibilities
  • Deeded vs. assigned: a parking story
  • Understanding HOA budgets: the nuts and bolts
  • Property taxes for condos, a Portlander’s guide
  • Old condo buildings vs. new condo buildings – three things to consider when you’re comparing
  • What is a special assessment and how does it work?
  • Understanding condo building amenities – what to expect (when you’re expecting to buy a condo)
  • To concierge or not to concierge – it’s a good question
  • How do utilities work in condos?

Running open invitation – if there is ever anything condo-related you’d like me to talk about in a post, don’t hesitate to let me know. This is all about being a resource.

Send thoughts or questions anytime. My cell is 541-579-0532. Email always works well, too. You can reach me at [email protected].