Chris Mack's guide to downsizing in Portland, OR

With a lot of potential moving pieces, downsizing can get complicated. That is why it is important to have a clear step by step process. In this eBook, I go through 5 main topics to make the process simple, straightforward and successful for my downsizing clients.

How condo associations work

How a homeowners association (HOA) board works
How HOA dues work
Condo and financial documents

How to choose the right condo

Benefits of active HOA
Building cultures
Filtering by area and building

How a condo transaction works

Transaction timelines
Home inspections
HOA document review contingency

How to prep your house to sell

Knowing the market value fo your house
Make any necessary fixes prior to listing
'Editing' your furnishings

How to organize two deals together

Buying the condo first
Selling your house first
Contingent deals