Finding your new home

I’ve helped many Portlanders buy and sell condominiums, and I’ll make sure you know what to expect and consider. In Portland, we have a range of great buildings, from high-rises in the Pearl to ground-level units in the inner eastside. Because I have been in hundreds of Portland’s condos, I’m able to make suggestions based on what you’re looking for.

I'll help you

Tour condos anytime

I am in and out of Portland's condo buildings daily, and can arrange tours of any buildings or units you'd like to see.

Understand how condos work

I'll make sure you understand how homeowner associations work and answer any of your questions about condos.

Find the right fit

Once we know what you’re looking for, I’ll help go over everything you should consider to evaluate your options.

Selling your house

Preparing to sell your house is generally where most of the work comes in.

Preparing your house for sale


For many downsizers, the biggest challenge is deciding which of your items you can let go of and what you want to keep. That process can easily take months, so it's good to get an early start.

Make any needed fixes prior to listing

We’ll go through your home together and discuss any fixes we’d like to make prior to listing your house. These can range from small fixes and cleaning to larger changes, such as carpeting or repainting.

'Editing' your furnishings

My listing fee includes a free consultation with a stager who specializes in helping you organize and prep your home for sale using your current furniture. We call this 'editing' and it's very helpful to get the best deal on your home.

Marketing your home

Excellent photos

I can’t understate the importance of having your home look great online. Sites like Zillow receive a huge amount of buyer traffic, which makes great photography critical to make your home stand out. My real estate photographers are some of the best in the business.


We'll send out new-to-market postcards to your neighborhood These are very useful as neighbors often keep an eye out for their friends and relatives who might want to move into the neighborhood.

Open houses

Open houses are a large part of my brand. The key is getting the opportunity to talk with potential buyers face to face and explain what makes your home special.

Provide access for buyers - these days, lots of buyers visit open houses by themselves and then schedule a second showing with their agent if they're seriously interested. It's important to hold open houses to make it easy for potential buyers to get a first look at your home.

Boost your listing - many online sites like Zillow prioritize listings with open houses, which helps us generate more online views and potential buyers.

Marketed to Portland Realtor’s Master Circle

We'll share your listing with Portland and SW Washington area real estate brokers and Master Circle members.

Social media

I have over 2000 social-media connections and market all my listings with photos, information and personalized video tours.

Creating a sales commission “win-win”

In residential real estate, home sellers pay the commissions of both the listing broker and the buying broker. I charge downsizing clients a flat 4% total listing fee with 2.5% going to the buying broker and 1.5% going to me.

I can keep my listing fee at 4% because we're also working on the purchase of your new condo (always free to you, paid by the condo seller). This creates a win-win. Because I get commissions on two sales, I can save you money on your listing while providing excellent service.

Making two deals work together

When you have two transactions (selling your house and buying a condo), you have three ways to structure these deals. I'll help you understand your options and decide which one will work best for you.

Organizing deals

Buy first

Buy your condo before selling your home.

Sell first

Sell your home before purchasing your condo.

Contingent (buy contingent on the sale)

Both sales are linked, buying your new condo is conditional on selling your current home.

Moving and ongoing help

Facilitating the move

We’ll make moving work smoothly.

Organize storage
Refer and organize movers
Refer and organize house cleaners

Serving as an ongoing resource

My business is built on customer service, and I'm here for all my clients for the long haul. Anything you might need in the future, be it a referral for a contractor or the best Russian cuisine in Portland (try Kachka!), I’ll always be here and available to help.

Find referrals anytime
Stay up to date on the market in case you decide to sell again
Help your family, friends and acquaintances with any real estate questions they may have